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About Gospel Forum

Our philosophy of hosting conferences is that simplicity is best.

We exist to love Jesus and to further the work of the gospel, which means that everything we do must revolve around God and the work of the Holy Spirit. There is no preacher or musician who can replace the Holy Spirit. In fact, spiritual events are useless unless the personal, intimate ministry of Holy Spirit is our priority.

Gospel Forum is our attempt to execute a conference based on the philosophy that Jesus should actually be the center of every gathering held in his name. Spiritual conferences are not fundraisers, commercial undertakings, or exercises in self-aggrandizement - the point should not be to raise money for anybody, sell anything to anyone, or promote any man or woman's ministry. Rather, the only reason this conference exists is to provide an opportunity for God's people to meet with him.

To that end, we hope to strip away all the fluff. This year, Gospel Forum will include 9 sessions over 3 days (plus a free Sunday morning service). Each session will feature music to praise God, a teaching to edify our attendees, and (we hope) a time where we specifically and intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to minister to us in whatever way he chooses. That's it! No advertisements. No long talks on giving to maximize the offering. No product promotions. No other distractions. Between sessions, we invite you to pray, eat, fellowship, and rest. Above all, we invite Jesus to be the center and will work hard to keep him there.

(P.S. If you are traveling to New York for this event and were hoping to visit some of our great city's many attractions, we strongly encourage you to arrive several days before the event or stay several days later.)

About Alabaster Group

The mission of Alabaster Group is to evangelize, empower, and disciple believers to live in a manner that best demonstrates and represents the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our work began with students from nine university campuses - commonly called the Ivy League. We have planned conferences exclusively for these campuses, to invite students into a deeper knowledge of God and an opportunity to encounter Him in new ways. The ministry is managed by a group of alumni who embrace this vision and labor to glorify God in their communities.

Our main value is to love God and to do all things for his sake, to his glory. We also focus on teaching students to live by faith and pure dependence on God, rather than their own brilliance and intellectual giftedness. We are satisfied above all in our communion with God and therefore believe it is natural that all people would lay down their lives in service to His kingdom.

Though most of our work is exclusive to university campuses, Alabaster Group hosts a local church in New York City, named Antioch Center.

Our meetings at Antioch Center are open to all, and all are welcome. Our services and culture are most tailored towards young professionals, many of whom work and live in the NYC area.

Sunday Services

Club Quarters Hotel Midtown - Priestly Room (2nd Fl)
40 W 45th St
New York, NY

Every Sunday
Prayer 10 AM
Worship Service 11 AM

We gather each Sunday morning in the pursuit of God as a local church community. Services are open to the public, and all are welcome. We kindly request no cell phones in service.

If you have questions about us or need help reaching our church, please Contact Us.

Give to Gospel Forum

We are entirely committed to programs and organizations that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission. All funds raised through this website and at Gospel Forum are devoted to the ministries of our speakers. It is Alabaster Group's practice to pass all offerings received at special events and conferences to our guest speakers, out of honor and to support their extraordinary work in the gospel.

All gifts from US donors are tax deductible. For donors with cumulative gifts over $250, a gift receipt will automatically be mailed to the address on file at the end of the calendar year. If you need a receipt prior to that time or a duplicate receipt, please contact Giving Services.

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