David Hogan

David Hogan was born and raised in a family of pastors before he rebelled against the hypocrisy of the church for a life of gangs and violence. After supernaturally encountering God and being filled with the Holy Spirit, David and his wife Debbie moved to Mexico as missionaries. Since 1981, their ministry has planted over 600 churches in Latin America through preaching an uncompromised Gospel and has witnessed a myriad of miraculous signs and wonders, including over 600 dead people being raised to life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

David Hogan was born and raised in North Louisiana. For generations leading up to David, his family preached the gospel. However, despite his upbringing, he rebelled against God and the hypocrisy in the church, living a life filled with drinking, gang activity, and violence. After David married Debbie in 1971 in Louisiana, she got saved and began praying with David’s parents for his salvation. Soon after, while on an airplane to an oil field in Alaska, he received a direct challenge from God to be that man who was no hypocrite, but sought after and walked in the power of God. As a result, David accepted Jesus as his Savior and immediately returned on the next flight back to Louisiana.

Upon returning, David began to pastor a small church in North Louisiana where many souls were being saved each week. Later, after being prayed for, he received the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, in 1977 after taking a mission trip to Mexico, God called both David and his wife to be full-time missionaries in Mexico to dedicate their lives for the Gospel.

After moving to Mexico and taking classes in a language school, he received an open and extended vision from God about the exact place that he was told to “start here.” Using this vision as a guide, he found that exact place in Mexico, settled down, and began preaching the gospel to the Indians of Mexico who have never heard of Jesus. The process of pioneering a work in a place that had never had a Gospel witness proved to be long and hard. With each day, David and his team rely on the power of the Holy Ghost to fight the powers of the devil along with witchcraft, idolatry, and spirit worship.

David decided to go after God for His power to see the miraculous, to see “signs following” the believer instead of only religious hypocrisy. Regarding this as requiring the most faith, He began to seek God to raise the dead to display the power of God to the unsaved. After four years of intense prayer and fasting, he saw the first person receive life after having died. Since then, over 600 people have been brought back to life through David’s ministry. This is only one miracle of God among many that have characterized David’s missionary work.

There have also been healings of every nature through the power of prayer, with body parts being healed or recreated. On numerous accounts, David and his team have been chased down and held at gunpoint, commanded to denounce the name of Jesus and to stop spreading the Gospel. Yet despite the myriad of obstacles, David continues to be used by God to carry the power of the gospel to unreached people all around the world.

David founded Freedom Ministries in 1981, which has reached many countries in Latin America. Their work continues to grow through preaching an uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ with many missionaries coming alongside to finish the same vision of winning Mexico and the world for Jesus. There are now over six hundred churches and many missions throughout Mexico. Now involved in many international ministries, David continues to preach this unmoving Gospel that radically changes the way Christians think about the possibilities of God for their lives and the lives of those around them.

David and Debbie live in Mexico and now have four grown children: Jo-d, Crystal, Joy, and Luis. All four of their children with their families work alongside of their parents in the ministry.


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